This serves as my personal/professional blog. I write about zines and alternative press publications in libraries, cataloging, library activism, and cats.

I also review books and zines and occasionally publicize events.

Right now much of my professional stuff (talks, interviews, and whatnot) are at my Barnard site and on the zines site. My plan is to bring all the non-zines stuff over here. I've made a start with an academic page.

Here is a short bio. I expect to make a longer one someday.

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The image I'm using as my logo is from Suzuki Beane by Sandra Scoppettone, illustrated by Louise Fitzhugh.

My primary personal/personal outlet is my zine, Lower East Side Librarian. I live in a neighborhood called Alphabet City on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in NYC.

If you want to contact me at work, I'm not hard to find. My name is Jenna Freedman, btw.